Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium 東京サステナブル・シーフードシンポジウム

Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium 2018

2018/11/1 | Iino Hall & Conference Center, Tokyo 

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About Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium

Started in 2015, the annual Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium hosted by Seafood Legacy together with Nikkei Ecology brings together business leaders throughout Japan to discuss the issues surrounding smarter management of our global fisheries resources. The event welcomes both speakers and audience participants from around the world and is simultaneously translated. Speakers share their knowledge and experience to an audience eager to learn more about this global transformation of the seafood industry. The first symposium in 2015 introduced basic concepts around sustainability to a market which was still relatively uninformed about topic, while the 2016 event delved in depth into specific issues such as IUU fishing and the Olympic food procurement policies of London and Rio. The event is capped off by an evening reception where attendees enjoy relaxed conversation and discover new business connections interested in sustainability.

Since the inception of the Sustainable Seafood Symposium, we have witnessed a significant increase in market and civil engagement on the topic of seafood sustainability, as well as the beginnings of major retailer activities to support better sourced seafood. This is the major sustainable seafood business event of the year, providing an opportunity for Japanese companies and media to hear the latest on global developments, and to deepen their own engagement and leadership to transform the Japanese seafood market.


Who Should Attend?

Seafood supply chain is vast and complex, and involves many businesses. Producers to consumers, anyone who is interested in sustainable seafood can attend the symposium.

retail/food industry caterers CSR producers buyers
supply chain marketing branding NGO/NPO IT


2017 Symposium Outline


Date:   2017/10/27 (Fri)
Venue:   Belle Salle Shinjuku Grand
Registration:   Registration site

*Free admission, need registration.
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Previous Symposium

For more information about previous symposium, please check our blog and resource pages, or go to Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium special website (Japanese only).

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