Seafood Legacy is a consulting firm specializing in sustainable seafood.

    We design regional solutions that meet global standards, with the aim of making a perpetually bountiful ocean a reality.

    Establish Sustainable Seafood Supply Chain
    By using our global network, we connect sustainable seafood producers, suppliers, and buyers to establish and expand sustainable seafood market in Japan.
    Achieve Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture
    By coordinating with a multitude of international and domestic specialist organizations, we support producers in their pursuit of sustainability.
    Support Marine Conservation NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs
    By Providing consultation services in strategy and communications for NGOs and social entrepreneurs, we activate and energize the new emerging market in Japan.

    Designing Seafood Sustainability in Japan, Together


    Seafood Legacy supports the sustainable seafood efforts of marine-related businesses, producers, and NGOs. We design regional solutions that meet international standards and are tailored to the unique Japanese environment via a non-competitive platform design to solve mutual issues that various stakeholders face.


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