Our Senior Officer was elected as a Panel Member of Ad-Hoc Meeting on Poor Catch at Fisheries Agency

The Fisheries Agency has launched an ad-hoc meeting on poor catch, focusing on squid, pacific saury and salmon. These species have been particularly caught poorly in Japan these years.

Some of the reasons for the poor catch are due to fluctuations in fish stocks caused by global warming and changing ocean environment. It is also predicted that this will last for a long time. The ad-hoc meeting will analyze the factors, conduct interviews with the business sector, and consider how to respond to risks. It plans to draw up a future direction by the end of this May.

Members of the ad-hoc meeting are selected from among academia, fisheries industry associations, and environmental conservation experts. Ms Aiko Yamauchi, a senior officer of the Seafood Legacy, will participate in the meeting and study a desirable resource management system that can be adapted to various environments and situations.

Ad-Hoc Meeting on Poor Catch (Fisheries Agency website, Japanese only)


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