To Investors and Non-seafood Related Companies

In order to substantially address social and environmental problems through business initiatives that embrace the SDGs as an opportunity and achieve sustainable corporate growth, it is important to create a sustainable society and ensure that companies grow in a sustainable manner with an emphasis on attracting ESG investments. 

The sustainability of our marine resources is integral to the economic growth prospects of seafood-related companies. 


SDGs Business Model and Pre-Competitive Platform Development

We formulate practicable and effective corporate activity models with positive social and environmental impacts that are tailored to the strengths and characteristics of individual companies by leveraging our professional knowledge and extensive domestic and international networks. We also assist with the coordination of pre-competitive collaboration platforms and provide the necessary operational support.

 Sustainable Growth Analysis of Seafood-Related Companies

We analyze the sustainable growth of seafood-related companies from the perspective of fishery sustainability and propose solutions to any potential issues.

Promoting sustainable seafood together

Meet the companies and organizations which promote sustainable seafood with Seafood Legacy.

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