Tokyo Sustainable Seafood
    Symposium 2018 Report-5


    A-2: Sustainable Seafood Across Industries – Changing the Corporate Cafeteria

    Daisuke Matsui
    Business Engagement Manager, Seafood Legacy

    “The introduction of sustainable seafood in workplace cafeterias spread rapidly this year, establishing many advanced examples of detailed implementation processes as well as challenges. We hope to continue working with businesses, food service companies and specialized institutions as we look forward to the Olympics and meeting SDG targets.”

    Kosuke Kino
    Manager, Program Management Section, CSR & Citizenship Department, Groupwide Brand Communications Division, Panasonic Corporation

    “Considering that Panasonic has been an official partner for the Olympic games worldwide for the past 30 years, we are in the position to contribute to the legacy building of the Games. Introducing sustainable seafood in the workplace cafeteria is merely the beginning. We will accelerate our efforts to cooperate with other companies to spread the integration of sustainable seafood in more workplace cafeterias.”

    Go Shibata
    General Manager, Product Quality Center Procurement and Supply Chain, AIM SERVICES CO., LTD.

    ”In regard to SDG categories, we are contribute to Goal 12 – “Responsible consumption and production” and Goal 14 – “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.” We will be promoting horizontal deployment by developing sustainable seafood menu at our headquarters in addition to our field sites.”

    Kazuya Yoneima
    Acting Director, Product Department, Green House Co., Ltd.

    “Our company’s management philosophy includes the phrase, “the company only grows when people are happy”, including the four principles of Customers, Colleagues, Community and Environment. As we involve ourselves deeply into ESG and SDGs we would like sustainable seafood to be an important piece that embody our management philosophy.”