Tokyo Sustainable Seafood
    Symposium 2018 Report-6



    This sixth report on the Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium will introduce the break-out sessions that took place in Room B. Session B-1 was on the example of a company that is making sustainable seafood a part of their company’s branding and Session B-2 was on the work that’s being done to integrate sustainable seafood into the ideal Japanese diet.

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    B-1: Sustainable Corporate Branding – How to Market Sustainable Seafood

    Takeaki Udo
    Senior Consultant and Organizational Development Facilitator, Hakuhodo Inc.

    “The challenge is how to connect social themes and companies. The key is to achieve both social impact and business impact simultaneously.”

    Josh Onishi
    CEO, Peace Dining Corporation and Hana Group North America

    “Sustainability cannot be achieved unless the top management truly commits, embracing it as a key point of corporate culture. This encourages staff at every level to make a commitment. As a major seafood country, I hope everyone in Japan can take advantage of this opportunity to build up the sustainable seafood movement so that Japan can lead the world in this movement within in the next few years.”

    Satoshi Matsumoto
    Merchandising Division Procurement Management Staff,
    Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union (JCCU)

    “We are particularly focused on communication between the Co-operative members. We have created a pamphlet called “Ethics of Co-op” to spread the meaning to local communities. We feel that consumer awareness will expand if we properly do this work. Today I spoke mainly about the efforts that Co-op is making but that is not to say that this is something only Co-op should do, or that this is some sort of competition. Rather, the best thing is for our work to encourage more people to join together for a sustainable society. I hope to continue cooperating with various stakeholders.”

    Takayuki Mamabe
    Manager, Sustainability Promotion Department, Rakuten, Inc.
    Researcher, Future Merchant Design Laboratory, Rakuten Institute of Technology

    “We developed an online mall called “EARTH MALL with Rakuten” within the existing Rakuten market to solely sell sustainable products. Certifications have the highest level of sustainability but we are also featuring Rakuten Market products that have positive impacts to our planet. I think E-commerce will be able to take on the role of creating a society where sustainable products are ordinary.”