We think of local solutions that meet international standards and are suited to the Japanese business environment. We work closely with domestic and international partners.

    The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions connects leading conservation groups from North America, South America, Europe, and Japan that work with businesses throughout the supply chain from fishermen and fish farmers to retailers and restaurants.

    The GSRA is a collaboration of seafood rating organizations focused on ensuring healthy oceans and freshwater bodies by supporting sustainable production of wild and farmed seafood through evaluating the environmental performance of seafood producers, advancing sustainable seafood issue salience and promoting sustainable products.

    GSSI provides an international, multi-stakeholder platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange working towards more sustainable seafood. GSSI operates the Global Benchmark Tool to deliver clarity, credibility and choice in certified seafood by benchmarking schemes against the UN FAO Guidelines and ensure confidence in the procurement of certified seafood.

    Ocean Outcomes works with commercial fisheries, seafood industry, local communities, and NGOs, to develop and implement creative solutions towards more sustainable fisheries and fish farming practices. Ocean Outcomes’ science-based improvement initiatives include assessments, supply chain analysis, buyer engagement, traceability programs, fishery improvement projects, and stakeholder convening. Demand for sustainable seafood is at an all-time high, but many of the world’s commercial fisheries remain at risk of overfishing, poaching, and other problems. By restoring and protecting wild fisheries, Ocean Outcomes supports the long-term health of local communities, seafood supply chains, and the ocean resources on which we all depend.

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    Tokyo’s top chefs, a food journalist and expert of Japanese food culture and restaurant scene, fisheries scientists, a seafood rating NGO, and a sustainable seafood consulting company united for the very first time to promote sustainable seafood in Japan. We believe that chefs are great influencers; our project aims to strategically network Japanese chefs to the global sustainable seafood community to learn from their journey and develop effective communication tools and strategies in Japan.


    A collaborative effort of Japan based businesses and organizations to mitigate the risk of IUU fishing and promote sustainable supply chain for all seafood products.

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