We support seafood related businesses to establish sustainable seafood supply chain and improve the procurement of seafood product

    • Step1
      Baseline Check
    • Step2
      Procurement improvement plan
    • step3
      Procurement improvement support
    • step4
    • STEP5
      Effect measurement
    We place all the seafood that a client handles on our own unique scales in accordance with international standards, and calculate the sustainability frequency of it as a base for future efforts.
    We conduct a listening session with the client and offer a procurement improvement plan with a set time period. We try to answer various requests such as "I only want natural domestic products!", "I want more authorized products!", "I don't want to make special efforts just for authorized products!", or "I want to achieve 100% sustainability by 2020!"
    In view of achieving the procurement improvement plan, we match up procurers of sustainable seafood products and producers using our company's unique global network (Sustainable Seafood Directory). We can help with implementing employee training, establishing traceability, various procedures when handling authorized seafood.
    We conduct strategic promotion and give support so that the efforts of clients towards sustainable seafood are wider recognized.
    We regularly conduct performance and effectiveness measurements of the procurement improvement plan, and change the plan when necessary in addition to making suggestions for an even more effective approach.




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