Why FIP/AIP Is Important in Japan?

    Based on the robust science, Fishery/Aquaculture Improvement Project has been introduced to all over the world as a key tool to improve sustainability of fisheries/aquacultures. As Japan being one of the huge seafood producing and consuming countries, FIP/AIP is vital and effective tool for Japanese fisheries to be more responsible and sustainable.

    Seafood Legacy supports local fisheries and other stakeholders to develop, implement, manage, and coordinate on-the-ground improvement actions.

    What We Do 

    You will be directed to Ocean Outcomes’ website for FIP/AIP profiles

    Tokyo Bay Sea Perch FIP

    Nachi Katsuura Albacore Longline FIP

    Miyagi Onagawa Coho Salmon AIP

    Tomamae Giant Pacific Octopus FIP

    I believe that the most important thing for the sake of a sustainable fishery 100 years in the future is to deepen our understanding that marine resources are a shared Japanese asset. 

    Kazuhiko Ono
    Kazuhiko Ono, CEO, Kaiko Bussan (FIP fisherman)

    Our Partner

    Seafood Legacy partners up with Ocean Outcomes, an international NGO which focuses on developing and implementing creative solutions towards more sustainable fisheries and fish farming practices.

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