We support fisheries and aquaculture who aim to achieve seafood susutainability

    • Step 1
      baseline check
    • Step 2
      FIP / AIP
    • Step 3
      Improvement support & measurement
    • Step 4
    We look at the fisheries and aquaculture of clients on a scale in accordance with international standards, and calculate the sustainability frequency of it as a base for future efforts.
    We conduct a listening session with the client and offer a fisheries and aquaculture improvement plan (FIP / AIP) with a set time period. We try to answer various requests such as "We want to become authorized!", "We want to develop our activities to work together with the local community!", or "We want to achieve 100% sustainability by 2020!"
    In view of achieving the fisheries and aquaculture improvement plan, we match up the client with specialist and support agencies that run programs suited to the client’s demands. We regularly conduct performance and effectiveness measurements of the fisheries and aquaculture improvement plan, and change the plan when necessary in addition to making suggestions for an even more effective approach. We can also help with establishing traceability.
    We match up clients with sellers using our company's unique global network, Sustainable Seafood Directory. We conduct strategic promotion and give support so that the efforts of clients towards sustainable seafood are wider recognized.



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