FishWise and Seafood Legacy Renewed Partnership to Promote Human Right Due Diligence in Seafood Supply Chains

March 11, 2024



Sustainable seafood organizations Seafood Legacy and FishWise renewed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) during the 2024 Seafood Expo North America in Boston, USA. This ongoing partnership will continue to strengthen responsible business practices regarding human and labor rights in the Japanese seafood industry.

This partnership began in March 2022, and since then, FishWise has provided technical support and guidance on human due diligence practices as Seafood Legacy works to implement changes throughout the Japanese fishing industry.


Under the new MoU, both organizations will continue to advance social responsibility and support early adopters in Japan.


Leveraging existing resources such as Roadmap for Improving Seafood Ethics (RISE), Social Responsibility Assessment (SRA), and Social Responsibility Journey Report, Seafood Legacy will have the tools to overhaul practices in the Japanese seafood industry. 


Among the major 2024 initiatives, the partnership will identify opportunities to develop a joint project in a producer country where parties can leverage the U.S. and Japan’s buying power. 


With an increased focus on human rights issues, the chronic and ongoing human and labor rights violations in global seafood supply chains have become more obvious to both consumers and producers. Seafood Legacy and FishWise aim to have a major positive impact in global supply chains through this partnership by taking a hands-on role in influencing worker protection.