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Our expert teams provide holistic coordination from development of the sustainable procurement policies to sustainable seafood marketing support

From the introduction of practical means of procuring sustainable seafood, to their application and improvement, we provide consulting services tailored to the situation at each company, while guaranteeing consistency with international standards.

Recommended for

  • Those who want to know more about sustainability trends for seafood

  • Those who want to revise seafood procurement

  • Those who want to formulate seafood marketing strategies that contribute to the SDGs



We support sustainability checks for seafood and formulation of procurement policies

We provide holistic coordination from development, and implemention of the sustainable procurement policies to sustainable seafood marketing support and collaborative project developmentplanning with production areas and producers.
We provide multi-faceted support from creating and implementing business roadmaps focused on sustainable seafood, to better procurement to add value to your services, and to procurement and supply of sustainable seafood and ensuring transparency for your company’s supply chain.
We contribute to business sustainability and increased corporate value for your company with a view to achieving the SDGs.

Matching and marketing support for sustainable seafood

From past history to the latest trends, we have substantial information about the activities of international and domestic NGOs and social enterprises working on seafood sustainability.
As a result, we implement marketing that contributes to achieving the SDGs by matching a clear understanding of the characteristics of your company with marketing strategies.

We organize workshops on sustainable seafood as needed

Knowledge is the first step toward promoting sustainable seafood. We regularly organize lectures on sustainable seafood topics, including the definition of seafood sustainability, the importance of procurement policies, human rights due diligence, and the latest information about eco-labeling for seafood.
As corporate efforts to achieve the SDGs are entering the mainstream and ESG investors are paying attention to the problems in the marine environment, we help seafood companies in Japan to achieve sustainable seafood procurement.


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