Our Strengths

Our solutions to the issues

  • The companies who want to develop a system for sustainable procurement and supply of sustainable seafood. 
  • The investors who want to create codes of conduct to implement ESG investment and financing in the seafood industry
  • The companies who want to incorporate diverse viewpoints of governments and international organizations on how to improve management of fisheries resources, production, and distribution.
Seafood Legacy's teams have broad expertise based on accurate understanding of the issues facing diverse organizations.
From analytic review of the performance to the planning and implementation process,
we will stay with you to find the most suitable solution for your organization.


Holistic coordination from developing sustainable procurement policies to sustainable seafood marketing support

Seafood Legacy's teams with its broad expertise provide support from the development process of a sustainable seafood procurement policy that matches the strengths and characteristics of your company, to sustainable seafood marketing support.
We have a track record of providing multiple major seafood and distribution companies with consulting services that are consistent with the latest international standards.

We have won the trust from multiple companies with our consulting services tailored to the situation at each company, while guaranteeing consistency with international standards.

We support investors and financial institutions to invest in and finance a new fisheries industry

In the future, the United Nations, governments, corporations, and investors will take an increasingly active approach to food security and biodiversity conservation, including the oceans.

Seafood Legacy is working to promote understanding among ESG investors and financial institutions of the risk of declining revenue caused by a lack of human rights due diligence, or lack of proper management of fisheries resources as natural capital based on science and precautionary principles. In this regard, we also formulate roadmaps to expand the scale of ESG investment and financing in the seafood industry.

We participate in fisheries regulatory reform and policy implementation by governments and international organizations, and build cooperative frameworks with diverse stakeholders

As one of the stakeholders, Seafood Legacy participates in regulatory reform and policy implementation by governments and international organizations seeking to solve issues such as overfishing, illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, and violations of human rights to achieve sustainable use of fisheries resources and a responsible seafood industry.
We are also lead coordinators for multiple platforms where diverse stakeholders in Japan and overseas join together in the pursuit of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

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