Renewed Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd. corporate site
to develop Japanese seafood industry more sustainable and responsible

Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd. has renewed its corporate website to be more dedicated to develop the Japanese seafood industry as the frontrunner in Asia as well as in the globe
in terms of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Seafood Legacy is a social venture established in 2015 to provide sustainable and responsible seafood consulting and platforming with the aim of passing on an abundance of seafood, a symbol of the connections between local communities, the seafood economy, and the marine ecosystems, to the next generation (legacy).

We are working to make Japan a leading country in the seafood market, a leading country in seafood production, a leading country in international collaboration by the SDGs achievement year 2030. We are developing our business through four approaches.

1.Market transformation
Expanding supply and demand of sustainable and responsible seafood by domestic major seafood market companies

2.Finance engagement
Expanding ESG investment for seafood industry through finance, support for seeking Japanese seafood industry’s environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

3.Policy reform
Promoting and participating in regulatory reform and policy implementation of Japanese government and international institutions’ regulatory reform and policy implementation to mainstream the Japanese seafood industry's pursuit of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

4.Movement orchestration
Seafood Legacy annually organize The Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit (TSSS), one of Asia's largest sustainable seafood events to create a movement of multiple initiatives from the fields of seafood operations, investment, and management. In addition to this annual event, we publish "Seafood Legacy Times," an owned media that introduces sustainable seafood innovators who are creating the future of sustainable seafood.

In this renewal of our corporate site, We introduce our 2030 vision and theory of change to realize the vision and service in detail.

We plan to introduce case studies and other materials that will be useful to seafood-related companies in their promotion of sustainable seafood.

Developing the Japanese seafood industry as a sustainable growth through pursuing environmental sustainability and social responsibility, as a world frontrunner, we continue to leverage our website for people’s health and smiles.