Japan’s First Tuna FIP “Nachi Katsuura Longline Albacore Tuna FIP” Launched

Fishery, industry, and NGO stakeholders come together to increase the sustainability of key albacore tuna fisheries in Japan.

Already on the map as the largest port for fresh long-line and pole-and-line tuna landings in Japan, Nachi Katsuura port in Wakayama prefecture is now home to Japan’s first tuna Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP), the “Nachi Katsuura Longline Albacore Tuna FIP”. The FIP, launched today, comprises 10,000 metric tons of Albacore tuna caught in Japanese waters by fishing company No. 78 Kaiou Maru—tuna which will soon be more sustainably managed due to the efforts of the fishery and project collaborators Yamasa Wakiguchi Co. Ltd., Seiyu GK (a Japanese subsidiary of Walmart), Ocean Outcomes, and Seafood Legacy. For more information, please see the press release.