The Fishery & Science Department Starburst & Establishment of New Company

Left: Wakao Hanaoka (CEO & President of Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd.) Right: Shuji Murakami (CEO & President of UMITO Partners Inc. )
On June 1, 2021, the Fishery & Science Department of Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO & President: Wakao Hanaoka) that provided consulting to fishery or aquaculture producers will become independent as UMITO Partners Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO & President: Shunji Murakami). Accordingly, Shunji Murakami will leave his position as a Vice President and COO of Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd. on May 31.

Towards the goal of making Japan’s overall fishing industry more sustainable, our company has provided consulting services to producers, corporates, (local) governments, and NGOs, but based on our belief in the need for enhanced support through specialized consulting services for producers, the Fishery & Science Department has decided to become independent.

Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd. will continue to strive to make our oceans more sustainable and richer by promoting sustainable seafood in the marketplace and push for policy changes that stem from such shifts.

UMITO Partners Inc. will be working with fisheries, local government and communities, influential chefs, and seafood businesses to help fisheries and communities to become more sustainable designed around their on-the-ground needs and issues.

While we will continue on our separate paths as separate organizations working with the overall market and suppliers respectively, we remain committed to our goal of making the fishing industry more sustainable and we humbly ask for your continued support in the future.

Wakao Hanaoka, CEO & President, Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd.
It has been about 6 years since Seafood Legacy was founded. As the sustainable seafood movement comes of age in Japan, I am very happy to usher in the birth of a new organization that supports this effort. Our company will continue to use Japan’s best-of-class expertise and foresight in sustainable seafood as well as our rich experience and knowledge in both philanthropy and business and leverage our global network to work with various stakeholders in providing world-standard solutions that are feasible for Japan.
For more on our new Theory of Change, please read ” The Theory of Change from the New Seafood Legacy – For a more robust sustainable seafood movement-

Shunji Murakami, CEO & President, UMITO Partners Inc.
As sustainability becomes a more widely accepted concept in Japan, it is also recognized that we need to focus on making concrete positive impacts on sustainability in the ocean and fishery. Through the new organizational launch, we envision providing sustainability solutions to fishery and community issues and needs in ways that they want to take those initiatives instead of being forced to do so.

(Relocation Summary)
Company Name: UMITO Partners Inc.
Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: CEO & Founder Shunji Murakami
Founded: June 1, 2021
Business Content:  Sustainability Consulting and Platform Services for the Fisheries, Chefs, Communities,

  1. Businesses Consulting Services for MSC/ASC Certification and FIP/AIP
  2. Consulting Services for Community Sustainability

  3. Consulting Services for Sustainable Finance

  4. Consulting Services for Business Development andSupport

  5. Platform Service for Sustainability Related Business


Following the starburst of the Fishery & Science Department and the establishment of the new company, we have featured the vision of Mr. Hanaoka and Mr. Murakami on our company’s online media, “Seafood Legacy Times”, so please take a look when you have the time (Japanese)