Our CEO, Wakao Hanaoka Elected to a member of the Committee Member of Digital Agency (in preparation), Day of Digital Working Group


In September 2021, a Digital Agency (in preparation) will be newly established “with the aim of boldly promoting future-oriented DX (Digital Transformation) and rapidly building public and private infrastructure for the digital age in the next five years.” * 1

At the same time, the Agency designated “Digital Day” on every 10th and 11th October in order for both the public and private sectors to look back, experience, review and share digital experience, aiming for “inclusive people-friendly digitization” 2.

Toward this day, the “Day of Digital Working Group” was established to set the direction in which the public and private sectors should cooperate to promote “Initiatives to create opportunities for starting DX and to revitalize industries by supporting SMEs and local communities to introduce digitization.* 2.

The introduction of DX is essential for the sustainability of the seafood industry.
From the viewpoints of operational efficiency, transparency, and resource management, digitalization has been started in the name of “smart fisheries” and “Improving transparency of the distribution of seafood”.

Taking this opportunity, we will contribute to the realization of DX, which will accelerate the sustainability of the seafood industry.

*1 Digital Agency official website (Japanese)

*2 https://www.digital.go.jp/posts/HTQB-hAX