Advancing Aquaculture Sustainability in Japan - Skretting and Seafood Legacy Forge Strategic Partnership


From left: Yoshihito Ito (CEO of Skretting), and Wakao Hanaoka (CEO of Seafood Legacy)

(Tokyo, May 30th, 2023)


On May 26th, 2023, Skretting Co.,Ltd. (General Manager: Yoshihito Ito, Location: Hakata-ku,Fukuoka) and Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd.  (CEO: Wakao Hanaoka, Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) entered into a strategic partnership with the shared objective of fostering the sustainability of Japan's aquaculture industry.

As global aquaculture production continues to rise, accounting for 49% of the world's seafood production by 2020*1, the challenge of feeding an additional two billion people by 2050, coupled with the need to fulfill a 56% greater demand for food compared to 2010, necessitates a focus on responsible and environmentally conscious aquaculture practices.
Skretting, a prominent global entity engaged in the manufacturing and sale of aquaculture feed, has actively supported the attainment of ASC certification, a recognised endorsement for responsible aquaculture. Conversely, Seafood Legacy has been instrumental in assisting seafood companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and governments both in Japan and internationally in their endeavors to promote sustainability within the realm of seafood products.

Both organisations have demonstrated their commitment to enhancing the sustainability of Japan's aquaculture and seafood sectors. Through this partnership, they establish a cooperative framework to reinforce their collective efforts in the following key areas:


  • Facilitating the expansion of aquaculture companies obtaining ASC certification, BAP certification, and other farmed seafood eco-certifications.
  • Collaborating to promote the distribution of domestically sourced farmed seafood products possessing ASC, BAP, and other farmed seafood eco-certifications, both within Japan and in various markets worldwide.
  •  Supporting sustainability initiatives for small-scale farmed seafood producers who encounter challenges in obtaining certifications and assisting in their distribution, including international markets.
  •  Advancing the production and distribution of sustainable seafood through increased collaboration with market-oriented enterprises and engagement with end-user distributors such as major retailers and food service companies.
  • By uniting their strengths and resources, Skretting and Seafood Legacy are poised to make significant strides in fostering a sustainable and responsible aquaculture industry in Japan and beyond.


 *1 The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022 (FAO, 2022)


Remarks from Yoshihito Ito, General Manager, Skretting Japan
The food demand is expected to increase by 56% by 2050 compared to 2010, and the demand for seafood produced through aquaculture in seawater, freshwater, and brackish water, known as "blue food," is projected to double by 2050. With limited land and freshwater resources, we need to achieve food supply. Looking at the past few decades, aquaculture has been growing rapidly compared to other major food supply sectors, and it is estimated to supply 60% of the fish and seafood consumed by humans by 2030. However, this growth comes with constant challenges. In order to fill the gap in food demand sustainably, the aquaculture industry must double food supply while halving its environmental impact. Through collaboration with Seafood Legacy, a leading opinion leader in sustainable seafood, we aim to accelerate the expansion of the field and build a value chain that encompasses further added value and creativity.


Remarks from Wakao Hanaoka, CEO of Seafood Legacy
With the world population expected to reach 10 billion by 2058 and continue to grow further over the following decades, a transformation of the global food system is urgently needed. Aquaculture will be at the center of this transformation, as it has a lower carbon footprint than livestock production in areas including the oceans, which cover 70% of the Earth's surface area. Through this MoU with Skretting, a global leader in the sustainable seafood movement in terms of aquaculture feed, we will accelerate our contribution to the growth of Japan's seafood industry and the building of a prosperous society for future generations by supporting the penetration of biodiversity conservation and a nature-positive perspective into the supply chain. Through this MoU, we will accelerate our contribution to the growth of Japan's seafood industry and the building of society for future generations.


■ Skretting Co., Ltd.
Skretting is a global company engaged in the manufacturing and sales of aquaculture feed. We produce over 60 types of feeds for fish and shrimp, totaling approximately 3 million metric tons across 17 countries worldwide. In Japan, our headquarters are located in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and we primarily handle feeds for species such as yellowtail, red seabream, amberjack, and salmonid in Imari City, Saga Prefecture. We have been at the forefront of the industry in terms of sustainability, working towards the development of the industry with a focus on sustainability, from responsible sourcing of raw materials to feed production. In recent years, we have also provided support to customers in obtaining ASC certification.
■ Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd.
Seafood Legacy is a social venture that aims to pass on seafood (or "seafood," a symbol connecting the ocean and people) in a rich state to future generations, with sustainability in mind in the social, economic, and environmental aspects. Leveraging a wide-ranging network and specialized knowledge that spans the globe, we collaborate with domestic and international seafood companies, NGOs, governments, and others to develop solutions tailored to Japan's seafood industry.